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As we ring in the new year, it is hard not to notice all the work we have to do. We have a dangerous man in the White House bringing us to the brink of war while facing an impeachment trial in the Senate, and a housing/homelessness crisis that we’re confronting here at home. It is time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. That’s why I have resolved to run for a seat on the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) on March 3rd.

Here's a great video made by my friend Janice Li explaining the DCCC in more detail.

I am proud to be running as part of a diverse and community-focused slate called the Social Justice Democrats. We’ve done a lot of organizing among San Francisco’s many community groups and have hit the ground running. But those wealthy corporate interests have not sat idle. They’ve begun raising a ton of money to try and drown out community voices in this election. As a people powered campaign, I need your help to win on election day.

Why I'm Running

Red2Blue: Take Back the Senate and White House

I was honored to volunteer in the San Francisco Red2Blue campaign during the 2018 midterm elections. Red2Blue leveraged San Francisco’s strong Democratic base to text and phone bank to swing districts around the state in an effort to retake the house. It was an overwhelming success and the Democrats experienced one of the largest “blue waves” in modern history, winning 41 seats, including turning all of Orange County blue! This coming year we are going to have to do even more organizing to retake both the Senate and the White House.

I am running to help organize this effort and I am proud to be endorsed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Be a Voice for Working Families

Long before I got involved in local politics I was an active member-delegate in my labor union, IFPTE Local 21. As a Chapter President and Delegate to the San Francisco Labor Council, I have been on the front lines fighting for working people. Whether it is counseling vulnerable employees being taken advantage of by their employer or organizing union members to negotiate for proper wages and benefits, I haven’t been shy about standing up for workers. San Francisco’s wealthy corporate interests have many voices to represent them. I am running to be a voice for working people.

I am proud to be endorsed by many labor organizations and leaders, such as the United Educators of San Francisco , SF Firefighters Local 798, and my hero Dolores Huerta.

Housing and Homelessness

San Francisco is in the middle of a crisis. We cannot afford to sit and watch folks be displaced from their homes and residents forced to roam the streets looking for shelter. I have experienced what it’s like to have a greedy landlord muscle my family out of our home. That’s why I volunteer as a tenant counselor in the evenings, teaching our city’s most vulnerable residents how to assert their legal rights. I am committed to finding a solution to create more housing in a manner that is fair to our elderly and vulnerable residents and to build consensus around solving our homelessness issues.

I am proud to be endorsed by a broad group of city leaders and organizations, including:

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