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On the Issues

  • Fight for All Working San Franciscans

    Our city has been plagued by wealthy corporate interests that have driven up the cost of living to the point that the average person cannot afford to build a home in San Francisco. As a proven advocate for working class people, I pledge to fight for San Francisco families that have often been ignored by their local Democratic party.

  • Be a Voice for Organized Labor

    Unions are the backbone of our city’s rapidly shrinking middle class. If San Francisco wants to be a city where average people can live then it must prioritize organized labor and quality union jobs. Our city’s Teachers, Firefighters, Carpenters, Healthcare, and Services Workers all need a voice in the SF Democratic Party. I am committed to being that voice

  • Housing our Workforce & Tenants Rights

    San Francisco has a long history of complicated tenant rules. Many of our city’s elderly, disabled, and less fortunate population don’t know how to properly navigate the system. As a member of our party I plan to advocate for our city’s elderly and disabled tenants.

  • Build Bridges & Find Common Ground

    Too often in San Francisco we fight to demonize opponents or folks who simply disagree with us on an issue. I pledge to fight back against toxic antagonistic language and look for opportunities to bring our party together to tackle the big picture issues facing our city.

  • Cats Are Awesome

    I promised my partner of 16 years that I would put cats in the platform. We own a 2 year old fluffball kitten named “Horchata.” She’s the cutest little thing and a big part of our family. Thanks for taking the time to read about the issues that are important to me.